eBeauty is the largest beauty brand management group in China

We are the leading brand management group in the entire beauty market value chain in China. According to the iResearch Report, we ranked among the top in the industry in terms of market share by 16 billion+ GMV facilitated or generated in China.

Meanwhile, we are also a leading incubation platform for emerging beauty brands. We established our brand incubation platform through the aggregate of our extensive network, resource, know-hows and technologies in the beauty industry in 2019. Our beauty brand incubation platform selects and cultivates potential emerging brand partners, helping them gain a unique and effective competitive edge in navigating the beauty market in China.

We have brand partners across various origins and product categories. As of today, our brand partners included 6 of the top 10 brand groups by revenues globally in 2021. In addition, we have 36 enablement brand partners and 17 incubation brand partners.

We address the growing need of beauty e-commerce to deliver seamless experience to consumers. We have made contributions to beauty brands from mass market to luxury/premium and from established to emerging beauty brands for their beauty e-commerce development in China. Our beauty e-commerce enablement service covers the entire beauty market value chain of a full suite of services, including market entry, execution, fulfillment and after-sales services.

eBeauty is the largest beauty brand management group in China

The perfect integration of "The Art of Beauty" and "The Science of E-Commerce" is our unique advantage

Unlike other consumer products, beauty brands pay equal attention to brand equity and marketing in addition to the growth of sales result. For the premium/luxury beauty market, they also have high standard of service quality and care about extraordinary shopping experiences and customized services.

Over the years, eBeauty has mastered deep industry insights and the science of Ecommerce service equipped with high technology. The integration of “Art” and “Science” fully expresses the pursuit of perfection for beauty brands.

The art of insight into the beauty industry

For brand marketing and customer experience, the key to success lies in understanding brand philosophies. Leveraging our extensive and diversified experience in serving beauty brands, UCO provides professional advice about brand tonality, positioning, target consumers, product portfolio, and key pain points and opportunities in the market. Meanwhile, UCO is able to build the a direct communication channel bridging brands and target consumers by using different media, such as livestreaming and short videos, which convert audiences into customers. Last but not the least, we provide customized pre-sale and after-sale services to consumers based on the characteristics of different marketing platforms, closing the loop of consumption.

Focusing on beauty industry, UCO has accumulated deep insights of industry development and consumer preference. We not only understand beauty brands, but also master the art of beauty omni-channel media marketing, which is the key to establish a long-term and trusted relationships with brands.

The science of Ecommerce service based on high-tech capability

The science of Ecommerce service based on high-tech capability

We have developed a holistic, customizable and scalable beauty solution that can be applied to the e-commerce enablement service and brand incubation platform, empowering the entire value chain for our beauty brand partners, including market entry, execution, fulfillment and after-sales services, offering our brand partners one-stop experience covering all of their business needs. Utilizing data analytic technologies, we augment our brand partners’ operations and enable them to make informed decisions by analyzing consumer behaviors, preferences and transaction data.

Our solution is also modularized, which allows us to customize services to each of our brand partners. Our solution can be seamlessly integrated with our brand partners’ in-house digital systems, which lowers adoption cost and time and improves efficiency.